Algae Omega-3 Supplement by LYFE Fuel | Essential Fatty Acids to Boost Brain Health & Cognition | Vegan DHA Alternative to Fish Oil | Chemical-Free Extraction | Plant Based Omegas | 30 Mini Softgels



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Our clinically-validated formulations are manufactured in small batches for optimal quality, potency, and purity at a certified green facility in sunny Southern California.


The majority of probiotics on the market have on MAJOR flaw. They all contain dairy, which is known to cause digestive trouble and be problematic for anyone with a sensitive stomach.


Undergoing a natural fermentation process, our probiotics are created without chemicals or synthetic additives. Providing all the benefits without unwanted side effects.


Every batch is independently tested using the strictest standards for heavy metals and contaminants to ensure optimal safety and to ensure you get exactly what you’re paying for.

Brain-Boosting DHA

At 350mg DHA per capsule, LYFE Fuel’s Super Omega gives you more of this essential fatty acid than other brands The brain uses DHA to make and keep synapses functioning at peak efficiency. Demand for DHA is increasing due to its super-bioavailability and because DHA goes to the brain.

The Ideal Ratio of Omegas

Our ALGAE OMEGA-3 is balanced to match your body’s omega-3 needs. Your body’s omega-3 ratios are about 80% DHA, 12% DPA, 7% EPA, 1% ALA, which is EXACTLY what you’ll find in our doctor-formulated Super Omega. DHA is 80% of all omega-3s in your body and 97% of all omega-3s in your brain.

The First and Only Pure Water Extracted Algae Oil

Our patented process uses a clean water filtration system to produce algae that are untouched by the sea. This creates a more pure form of essential fatty acids that are free of heavy metals and ocean-borne contaminants, making it the finest, purest, and safest omega on the planet.

A More Intelligent Omega-3

Our products are validated to provide you with pure, proven, shelf-stable improvements over other products tested in their categories – no refrigeration required. The majority of fish oils on the market are rancid by the time they are sold, resulting in doing more harm than good. Our Super Omega is independently tested for shelf stability and purity to ensure it’s just as potent when it gets to your doorstep as it was when it left our facility.


Based on emerging and qualified peer-reviewed research, independent study demonstrates that DHA is the only omega-3 used to make mitochondrial cardiolipin, but only when sufficient DHA intake levels are maintained over time. What is mitochondrial cardiolipin? Cardiolipin is a lipid complex that can only be made from certain fatty acids. Cardiolipin is a novel phospholipid made only in the mitochondria, which are the sole power factories for our body and cells. Cardiolipin functions as a proton trap giving ATP synthase the juice needed to enhance electron transfer and reduce electron leakage. Cardiolipin also participates in a structural scaffold essential for the distinctive shape of mitochondrial cristae. DHA is the only omega-3 that can be used to make this novel lipid, but only when DHA is consistently available in the diet at high enough levels. DHA is thought to also have electroconductive properties adding to its many uses in the human body, brain, eyes and heart.

Results based on published clinical research with algae oil.

Maintains lower triglyceride levels and blood pressure
Maintains higher “good” cholesterol and ratio
Maintains higher DHA levels in brain
Maintains lower Dry Eye symptoms


Unsustainable production methods, including chemical solvents & additives
Highly prone to oxidation, contamination, and impurities
Mixed with other refined and industrialized oils that reduce potency and negatively impact health

MINI SIZE, BIG BENEFITS. Easy-to-swallow vegan softgels that will definitely make a difference in your health by improving mental clarity, reducing inflammation, and make your skin glow!
NO FISHY SMELL OR BURPS! A win-win for you and the planet. Cut out the middleman (the fish) and get your essential omegas from a pure, plant-based source that is untouched by the sea via a chemical-free pure water extraction method.
HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF DHA. Get the best value for your money with the FIRST and ONLY 50% DHA oil – the highest potency ever. Scientifically balanced to match your body’s omega-3 needs. ONE Capsule: 350mg DHA, 35mg DPAn6, 3.5mg EPAn3, 18mg DH-GLAn6 plus OLAn9 (O-3,6,9)
DOCTOR RECOMMENDED & CLINICALLY STUDIED. Benefits supported by peer-reviewed academic papers. Sustainably sourced in the USA from a certified GMP facility, lab-verified and third-party tested for quality, efficacy, and safety.


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