Digest-Aid Digestive Enzymes Supplement Formula (60 Capsules) by Health Thru Nutrition (Non-GMO & Soy Free)



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DIGEST-AID is a natural, fast acting, formula, containing 15 nutrients and enzymes to achieve maximal digestive performance at mealtime. DIGEST-AID may help prevent occasional gas, bloating, flatulence and stomach discomfort that may result from dairy and soy based products, beans, vegetables, fruits, lentils and more. Digestive enzymes are important in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. However, the body’s capacity to produce these enzymes may be altered by age or stress. DIGEST-AID contains digestive enzymes, such as legumase, promoting rapid digestion and peppermint oil, which may prevent cramping of the muscular lining of the intestinal wall. This comprehensive formula includes alpha-galactosidase, cellulase, lactase, bromelain, and papain to support digestion of carbohydrates and fiber. Alpha galactosidase helps to break down vegetables, beans, and grains, while cellulase breaks down the plant fiber, cellulose, to freeing the nutrients for absorption. Furthermore, lactase is imperative for the digestion of lactose, the primary sugar found in dairy, and enzymes such as papain from papaya, and bromelain from pineapple, for the digestion of protein. Aside from carbohydrate and protein digestion, lipase is the main digestive enzyme that supports the breakdown of fats and improves fat utilization. DIGEST-AID may replenish enzyme levels, deliver vital nutrients to the body, and help with gastrointestinal discomfort. Furthermore, this enzymatic blend may support the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, enhance healthy bacteria, and alleviate the pancreas from tirelessly having to compensate for poor digestion.

All Natural Digestive Enzymes Supplement Formula
15 nutrients and enzymes to provide maximum effectiveness as a digestive aid.
Exclusively Formulated and Manufactured in US cGMP Certified Facility.


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