Drink RebelliouS Infusions Organic Energy Drink Mix Packets (12ct, Blood Orange)




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Product Description


300mg of antioxidants from green tea

Increases focus, energy, clarity

Good for your skin

Known to reduce inflammation & improve digestion

Can improve insulin sensitivity

Reduce stress, improve mood

May provide cognitive benefits

Associated with improved dental health

RebelliouS Natural Organic Water Enhancer

Product Information

RebelliouS Infusions pack more than 300mg of antioxidants (from organic green tea). That level of antioxidants is up to 60 times more than other beverages – all with zero sugar and zero calories.

The antioxidants have been known to fuel your brain, reduce skin inflammation, help diabetics manage insulin sensitivity, and improve dental health. We’re not saying RebelliouS Infusions are magic, but they come pretty close.

Organic brewed green tea with filtered water

Organic concentrated lemon juice

Organic (flavor specific) flavor

Organic monk fruit extract

Organic fruit & vegetable juice (color)

100% Plant-Based, USDA Organic, Energy Drink Mix Packets
Delicious, Healthy Drink for Everyone – Focus Energy, Improve Alertness
Pre-Workout Drink – Focused Energy! No Jitters, No Crashes
A Beverage for ANYONE: Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Sugar-Free Energy Boost with No Calories


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