Glucosamine Sulfate Supplement (2000mg per Serving) with MSM – 240 Small Vegetarian Capsules – No Shellfish, GMO’s or Harmful Additives



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Product Description

Glucosamine and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) are key compounds found naturally in and around the joints. That is why it is one of few dietary supplements recommended by medical physicians.

Divine Bounty Glucosamine & MSM offers one of the most potent joint formulations, providing 2000mg of Glucosamine Sulfate and 1400mg of MSM in each serving. If you are looking for a joint support supplement with maximum potency, look no further.

Support healthy and functional joints the natural way, with the help of Divine Bounty’s Glucosamine & MSM capsules.

Why is Divine Bounty the Right Choice for You?

At Divine Bounty, we truly want you to see the results you’re looking for. That is why we take the time to craft the perfect formula with the best balance of ingredients.

– Superior Potency – While most brands offer less of the key ingredients, Divine Bounty delivers 2000mg of Glucosamine and 1400mg of MSM in each serving. We also use only the most trusted and thoroughly researched form of glucosamine (Glucosamine Sulfate) for maximum potency.

– Superior Formula – Few people realize that chondroitin is extremely difficult for the body to absorb, often hindering the ability to sufficiently absorb the other key ingredients. Yet most joint support supplements continue to include chondroitin for marketing purposes. We exclude this difficult ingredient so that your body can truly absorb the glucosamine and MSM for best results.

– Superior Value – Don’t get caught having to re-order every month with brands that offer a much lower potency with fewer capsules per bottle. Each Divine Bounty Glucosamine MSM supplement contains 240 easy-to-swallow capsules for a 60 day supply. Made from only essential ingredients, your bottle of Divine Bounty Glucosamine & MSM is real value for money.

– Superior Quality – We only use natural ingredients enclosed in vegetarian capsules. This means our supplement does not contain any harmful chemicals, stearates, artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives. It is also GMO free, soy free, dairy free, shellfish free and gluten free. With no animal products, this formula is 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly.

A Supplement You Can Take With Confidence

At Divine Bounty, our mission is to help those who are looking for ways to naturally support and promote a healthy body. We strive to redefine what’s possible by combining nature with science to provide high quality formulas for optimum balance.

Powered by nature’s most cutting-edge active ingredients, our supplements are carefully crafted with health in mind.

Divine Bounty doesn’t compromise on quality and proudly affirms the integrity and quality of our products.

Made in an inspected facility, all of our products are proudly manufactured to our unique specifications using only the finest quality ingredients that have been carefully selected and crafted together with the support of qualified scientists.

We stand behind our entire supplement range and are proud to have the best formulas on the market. All of our products are pure, clean formulas that include only what you need, without the unnecessary additives.

We truly care about your satisfaction and wellbeing. That is why we use only the finest ingredients that have been scientifically tested for purity and potency.

SYNERGISTIC GLUCOSAMINE MSM FORMULA WORK TOGETHER – Glucosamine sulfate and MSM are 2 nutrients that have been studied in connection to supporting healthy joints.
NO GMO’s, ZERO NASTY INGREDIENTS – No harmful ingredients are contained inside this formula making it allergen free and 100% suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. No gluten, shellfish, milk, soy, egg, wheat or peanuts is contained. This clean supplement is strictly free from GMOs, Artificial Ingredients, Fillers, Binders, Preservatives, Stearates, Silicone Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide.
QUALITY FORMULA – Divine Bounty stands behind its products 100%. Divine Bounty offers the highest strength Glucosamine Sulphate Supplement available today. If you don’t notice a difference after taking our supplements, simply let us know.
PROUDLY USA MADE – All Divine Bounty products are made in an inspected facility following strict Good Manufacturing Practices. This ensures high quality control, where consistency and purity is paramount.


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