Heka Good Foods Low Carb Keto Bars, Pumpkin Pie, 1g Net Carb, 14g Protein, No Sugar Added, Grain & Gluten Free, 12 Count



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(as of Oct 22,2020 02:40:00 UTC – Details)

With nearly 70% of our calories coming from healthy fats, and only 1-2g net carb, our products are legit keto. We’ve ensured this by putting them through the rigorous certification process of Ketogenic.com. Not only do they test the product for label accuracy, but more importantly they test metabolic response. We focus on using real, whole food ingredients like almonds, peanuts, chocolate, cocoa butter, and Redmond Real Salt. We have replaced toxic ingredients like sugar and flour with novel ingredients like Allulose & soluble fiber. We’ve gone above and beyond to also make our products taste better than the nuts and sweeteners you’re used to. We wanted them to taste as close to all your favorite treats as possible to make keto more sustainable and fun.

DELICIOUS & SATISFYING: Our mouthwatering Pumpkin Pie bars are naturally sweetened with allulose and made with only real food ingredients like almonds, cocoa butter and sea salt for a healthier sweet treat that will keep you full, without all of the carbs and sugar in regular pumpkin pie.
KETO & PALEO DIET FRIENDLY: Heka Good Foods’ unique flavors are carefully crafted to taste like the real deal so you can fulfill your cravings while staying committed to your diet whether you’re Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Lactose Free, Low Sugar, Diabetic, High Protein or High Fiber.
WHOLE FOOD INGREDIENTS: We make our bars with a minimal list of clean, real food ingredients for a healthy snack that will not cause GI upset or bloating. Our bars do not contain added Sugar, Sucralose, Maltitol, Chicory Root, Inulin, Corn, Lactose, Gluten or Grains.
KETOGENIC CERTIFIED: All of our products go through rigorous product testing to meet the specific qualifications of ketogenic.com to ensure they have legit keto macros, little to no blood sugar impact and promote metabolic integrity.


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