Just the Cheese Bars 12-pack, Crunchy Baked Low Carb Snack Bars. 100% Natural Cheese. High Protein and Gluten Free (Aged Cheddar)



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Product Description

Over 25 years ago, a tiny cheese factory started creating high quality Wisconsin cheese. The dream was to create delicious specialty cheeses, but first and foremost to ensure the utmost integrity in our workplace. The business would benefit and grow from a strong, loyal community.

Just The Cheese was born from the minds of these cheesemakers. They thought “the best part of grilled cheese is what melts off in the pan, so how can we make crunchy cheese ourselves?” Through years of experimenting and a little bit of luck, they were able to create our one-of-a-kind crunchy baked cheese without having to add any other ingredients at all. Now we want to share our creation with the world!

Everyone who works at Just the Cheese is part of a family, and from this connection it became clear that a positive, supportive work atmosphere can produce fantastic results No single person can take credit for creating our Just the Cheese crunchy baked snacks. Everyone involved at our company worked hard to bring this innovative snack experience to the world, and the success is shared with the entire team. Just the Cheese hopes that the pride in our cheese snacks is evident in their amazing taste and crunch!

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Choose your Just the Cheese Snacks in various flavors and in two different packs: 12 Two-Bar Packs, and 16 Half-Ounce Packs

You can get Just the Cheese bars in four different flavors: Aged Cheddar, Mild Cheddar, Grilled Cheese, and Jalapeño Cheese. All of these delicious flavors, will startle your senses with crunchy, cheesy goodness. As soon as you take your first bite, each crunch will release an explosion of flavor in your mouth. And you can also try the Minis 16 Half-Ounce Packs that come in White Cheddar, Wisconsin Cheddar, and Garlic & Chive.

All-Fresh Ingredients! All-Natural process!

We take fresh Wisconsin cheese, bake it in our oven, and that’s it. Satisfy your cravings and eat healthy while you do it; these snack bars are perfect for grab-and-go, low-carb, Keto, gluten-free and other great diets. Just The Cheese is a low-carb, high-protein snack that tastes exactly like your favorite cheese, but comes with a CRUNCH!

New Snack. Big Crunch. Just one ingredient: cheese!


All of Just the Cheese products are made exclusively in Wisconsin, using nothing but a simple oven to bake them. No chemicals, no industrialized harmful products.

Keep Body Fit without giving up on taste!

No matter the taste or size you choose, you’ll get a pure and healthy product that brings only:

1g of carbs
0g of trans fat
75 calories per bar
Zero gluten

Low-Carb. Protein Rich.

A healthy life is more and more related to well-balanced food and a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Just the Cheese is perfect as a snack for any occasion.

The Delicious Original Cheese Taste

Now you can have that intense cheese flavor plus all the crunchiness you want, without any artificial flavors, or any other ingredients at all! Just the Cheese is produced with nothing but 100% cheese.

Each bar is made with care in our family owned factory in Reeseville, WI by our World Champion Cheesemakers.
There is absolutely NOTHING else in our product except cheese!
Because it’s 100% Cheese, it’s naturally Keto, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and High Protein
If you LOVE Cheese, then this is the snack for you!


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