Keto Collagen Fiber Bar – High Fiber, Low Carbs – Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO & No Added Sugar – Perfect Keto & Paleo Snack with Creamy Coconut Inside Dipped in Dark Chocolate (12 bars)




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Product Description

Want to lose weight, reduce your body fat, stay “regular,” and keep your gut microbes happy? Then you need to get enough fiber every day. That’s 25–30 grams for women, and 30–38 for men.

This rich, decadent bar gives you an impressive 18 grams of fiber. And it’s the best kind of fiber: natural, soluble, prebiotic fiber that helps your body absorb key minerals, keeps your digestive system running smoothly, enhances your immune function, and makes your gut microbiome glow.

This bar is so satisfying that it keeps cravings away for hours so you stay focused. Maybe best of all, it is collagen-rich for beautiful skin!

12 delicious collagen fiber bars come in every box!

About Dr. Kellyann

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, Creator of the Bone Broth Revolution, came to realize the ancient power of collagen and bone broth to heal the gut and slow aging while studying biological medicine at the Marion Foundation and Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland. By focusing her practice on a lifestyle that stops and reverses inflammation, Dr. Kellyann is able to help patients and readers reduce dangerous belly fat to become slimmer, younger, and healthier.

Meet the DKA Brand

DKA at its core is all about creating simple solutions for leading a healthy lifestyle. All DKA products are Keto-friendly and Paleo-friendly, collagen-packed, helping you feel better from the inside out. We strive to create products and plans that fit your lifestyle.

Meet our Collagen Fiber Bar

It’s the perfect bar for keto diets and paleo diets. Made with low carbs, coconut fiber and protein to minimize blood sugar impact: 18g Fiber – 2g Net Carbs – 4g Protein. So if you’re looking for a delicious snack made for weight loss, reducing your body fat, staying “regular” in ketosis and keeping your gut microbes happy, our collagen bars are the keto friendly snack for breakfast, as a meal replacement or energy fiber bar on-the-go.

Meet Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Meet the DKA Brand

Meet our Collagen Fiber Bar

Dr. Kellyann’s Collagen Fiber Bar Main Ingredients

Collagen Benefits

Collagen has some amazing health benefits…like smoother skin, less wrinkles, and a healthier gut.

In addition, collagen fights inflammation as it is loaded with gelatin, a gut-healing nutrient. It protects the gut from bad bacteria.

It also reverses skin aging and eases joint pain and deterioration. Collagen is proven to promote healthy cartilage tissue and support osteoarthritis.

Dark Chocolate Benefits

Dark chocolate is loads with nutrients. One serving of 70-85% cocoa contains 11g fiber and 45g cabs (34g net carb) and 8g protein. A serving also contains 98% DV Manganese, 89% DV Copper, 67% DV Iron, and 60% DV Magnesium.

Dark chocolate also contains caffeine which gives your brain and body a boost of energy.

It is also believed that consuming dark chocolate can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease. Dark chocolate also may increase blood flow in your arteries and lower blood pressure.

In addition, dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants like polyphenols flavanols, and catechins.

Coconut Benefits

Coconut packs a nutritional punch. In one serving of dried coconut, you will get 18g of fiber and 25g of carbs (7g net carbs), and 7.5g protein. A serving also contains 137% DV Manganese, and 40% DV of Copper.

Coconut contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which metabolizes differently in your body. MCTs absorb directly into your small intestine where your body uses them rapidly for energy!

Studies also show that regular consumption of coconut could contribute to a healthier heart and promote blood sugar regulation.

HIGH in FIBER, LOW in CARBs: 18g Fiber – 2g Net Carbs – 4g Protein – Each bar has 18 grams of natural, soluble, prebiotic coconut fiber which is great for your digestion. Our collagen bars are the keto friendly snack for those looking for low carb options.
SOY FREE & GLUTEN FREE: No added sugar, additives, or artificial sweeteners. Our delicious dark chocolate is made with Stevia.
12 BARS PER BOX: You’ll get 12 creamy coconut fiber bars dipped in rich dark chocolate. Perfect breakfast food, meal replacement or low carb snack.
100% SATISFACTION: Dr. Kellyann offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all our products giving you the confidence you need. If you are not 100% satisfied with your keto collagen bars, contact us for help with your purchase.


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