Keto Energy Shot – Exogenous Ketones Energy Drink- 12-Pack with D-BHB, Natural Caffeine, and Nootropic Blend to Boost Energy – Strawberry Lemonade by Real Ketones




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Product Description

The Keto Energy Shot that Supports Weight-Loss

D-BHB is a breakthrough bio-identical ketone that triggers your body to start burning fat for fuel in 60 minutes or less. D-BHB is 2X more powerful than any other exogenous ketone available, clinically proven to get results, and exclusively offered by Real Ketones.


Keto Energy Shots with caffeine contain D-BHB, our patented bio-identical ketone to deliver the cleanest most powerful energy. Feel energized, while shedding unwanted pounds.

Zero Sugar, Zero Jitters, Zero Crash

Designed to deliver sustained energy without any negative side effects.

Increased Focus

Now there’s an easy, healthy way to enjoy a balanced experience of focus and energy.


Real Ketones is the industry leader in exogenous ketone research, product development, and manufacturing practices. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality ketone products available, that help you achieve and sustain ketosis. Real Ketones is the only company to conduct clinical studies on the many benefits of exogenous ketones, leading to the development of the most efficacious formulas, proven to significantly improve weight loss and metabolic markers.

Proprietary blend of beta-hydroxybutyrate

EXPAND THE ENERGY HIGHWAY – Real Ketones Keto Energy Shots are a truly genius shots that delivers the perfect energy force. We start with pure enhanced D-BHB, and the right dose of caffeine to maximize ketone absorption. We mix that with our special formula of a vaso-dilator (as green tea leaf extract) that opens up your circulatory system to expand the energy highway for the ketones and caffeine and then add a special nootropic brain bullet and you have all the burn energy you need!
KETO ON THE GO – At just 2. 5 ounces, only 10 calories, zero sugar, dairy free, vegan and paleo friendly, take our Keto Energy Shot anywhere to work, your workouts, a night on the town, preworkout, sports hour, anyplace you aspire a little boost. These convenient little shots in a can are packed with the electrolytes, ketones, and caffeine to kickstart your day and keep you energized throughout all your activities.
GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR FAVORITE KETO MEALS – Keto shots provide a ultra bang of exogenous ketones to fuel your body with the clean energy it needs and is a great compliment to a keto-adapted diet.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the great taste and powerful energy of Real Ketones Keto Energy Shots, we’ll refund your purchase within 30 days of delivery.


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