Keto Fast Supplements for Ketosis – 120 Keto Diet Pills for Max Weight Management, KetoFast Natural Keto BHB Salts for Energy, Balanced & Rapid Ketosis for Men & Women Exogenous Ketones Detox Cleanse




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Product Description

Achieve Your Goals with the Right Formula

It takes real effort to have the keto lifestyle yet it’s all worth it. Keto diet benefits your body in a lot of ways, such as clean energy for everyday physical performance, heart boost, fitness support, and more. It’s also no secret that counting the carbs and limiting your cravings may be challenging. Get to your goals with the right ingredients to partner with!

Cocofly KetoFast is made just for you. Our 100% natural formulation with boosted absorption and blend with breakthrough technology of goBHB may help get you there. Whether you want to get to ketosis fast, overcome a plateau, maintain your state, or keep your health benefits in check, we have high potency BHB salts to help you.

Helps increase body ketone levels fast
Promotes maintenance of keto state
Supports ketogenic, low-carb lifestyle

Provides clean energy for exercise
Boosts physical & cognitive performance
Helps preserve muscle mass

Helps stimulate a metabolic shift from glucose dependence
Supports energy needs while on a low-carb diet
Helps reduce feelings of hunger

Keep the Lifestyle and Health In Check

Studies suggest that there is more to being slim and fit for a body in ketosis. From the process of getting to the goals to being in the ketogenic state, your body gets the clean energy, mental health boost, metabolic function support, and cholesterol management you need among others.

Cocofly KetoFast contains a high potency blend of goBHB salts, including Sodium BHB, Calcium BHB, and Magnesium BHB per serving. We went away with extra, unnecessary ingredients that may just go down the drain or hinder the goals. Instead, we boosted KetoFast with the absorption technology to meet your keto needs!

Health Benefits

Ketosis & Weight Management Support

Immune Strength & Antioxidant Support

Hair, Skin, Nail & Joints Support

Made in USA

Easy to Swallow

Additional Ingredients

Long Shelf-Life

Natural & Premium Ingredients



For Men & Women

Count Size

120 vcaps

120 vcaps

120 vcaps

Behind COCOFLY is just an ordinary stay-at-home mom from a small town, who wants to do things differently. I had my fair chance of supplements that really helped me boost my look, health, and confidence. So I wanted to inspire more women just like me to always strive for more.

Thus, I wanted this brand to symbolize transformation, change, and new life.

And this is exactly how the name COCOFLY was born, from the combination of a Cocoon and Butterfly mixed together.

TRANSFORM YOUR BODY – Cocofly brings together goBHB with its breakthrough Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium BHB salts. Help your body to push through those workouts with the right kind of energy while achieving ketosis. It may help support your energy needs while on a low carb diet and while transitioning to ketosis. Our KetoFast also maximizes the technology of Supreme Absorption BHB salts with high bioavailability.
HAPPY FROM THE INSIDE – Achieving ketosis brings more benefits than just weight loss. Our premium KetoFast may also help maintain good cholesterol, manage sugar levels, blood pressure, boost heart health, and more. Our KetoFast with goBHB may help with satiety for better weight management, cognitive, and physical performance.
GET FAST INTO KETOSIS WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS – Achieving ketosis state is no easy path, especially when it comes to being CONSISTENT. Some people get super easy into ketosis simply by working out or fasting, while others have very hard times getting into one. And KetoFast can help BOTH! It can help MAINTAIN already strong ketosis state or help you to GET INTO KETOSIS by supporting metabolism and introducing 100% natural exogenous ketones in the body.
UNDECIDED? – Our core goal is to be different as a small business. We take inspiration from the word “friend” in everything we do. And just like any, we want to be available and supportive of your goals. Our ingredients were carefully selected for you. 100% INGREDIENT TRANSPARENCY is at the forefront of our little store. Please contact us anytime if we can be of any service to you. Wishing you all the best. You can do it!


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