Keto Pills Exogenous Ketones Salts Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (800mg | 60 Capsules) Ketone Supplement




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KICKSTARTS & SUSTAINS KETOSIS: It’s easy to bounce in & out of ketosis (and feel crappy every time). The exogenous ketones in Keto Critical help trigger ketosis and keep your metabolism in hyper-fat-burning mode. Keto Critical helps curb appetite & cravings too (and decrease carb dependence). It even fights “keto flu” symptoms—every time you enter ketosis.
BOOSTS ENERGY & MENTAL FOCUS: Keto Critical increase your body’s natural ketone levels (its main energy source during ketosis). It gives you immediate & sustained energy and pushes performance. BHB easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, enhancing cognitive function too—for brains & brawn!
MAXIMIZES FAT BURNING: Keto Critical is a success multiplier, helping you stay in ketosis longer & feel better throughout it. So, you make the most of your low-carb or keto diet, burn the most fat and lose the most weight—most quickly!
GUARANTEES 100% SATISFACTION: Risk nothing with our 60-day, money-back guarantee. Although, we know you’ll love Keto Critical capsules because they’re made in the USA; in a FDA-registered,GMP-certified facility. (The only thing you’ll love more than our keto base product is your new “ketone” body.)


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