Lifetones Daily Digestive Enzymes – Vegan Formula for Better Digestion, Gas, Constipation Relief – Essential Digestive Health & Strong Immune System Support Supplement – Non-GMO Sugar Free – 60 Count



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Product Description

1 out of 3 people with irritable bowel troubles have problems digesting common foods, which may cause bloating, discomfort, and gas. Lifetones can help.

With Lifetones Digestive Enzymes, this formula breaks down hard-to-digest foods such as:

Processed Food

Spicy Food


Acidic Fruits & Veggies

Fried Food

Lifetones Digestive Enzymes

Lifetones’ Digestive Enzymes contains an all natural blend of plant-sourced Enzymes and Botanical Ingredients that encourage daily digestive health for men and women.

By helping the body digest fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and sugars, this formula supports healthy digestion, immune function, bowel activity, and energy levels.

Whether it’s for gas, bloating, constipation or discomfort, this Digestive Enzyme supplement is the perfect mealtime companion to feel your very best.

Aids in Digestion, Internal Gas, and Bloating

Helps to Break Down Hard-to-Digest Foods

Bolsters Energy Levels

Helps Support Bacterial Balance in the Bowel

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

Powerful Digestion Relief

Powerful digestive enzymes work to break down your meal to absorb nutrients and convert into energy. These all natural enzymes contain natural properties that support digestive function, stomach comfort, and bowel activity.

Supports Healthy Enzyme Levels

Our body naturally produces the digestive enzymes needed to break down the food we eat. Over time, age, allergies, and illness can impact the body’s ability to produce healthy digestive enzymes.

This daily supplement can optimize your enzyme levels to bolster your digestive system.

Perfect for All Diets

Plant-based diets are great for health and wellness, but can be tough on the stomach.

Lifetones’ Digestive Enzymes is made with all natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. This powerful formula can help plant-based dieters combat bloating, gas, and indigestion.

Used For

Uric Acid Relief

Uric Acid Relief

Digestion Support

Sleep Aid


Helps reduce uric acid levels and relieve discomfort in joints and muscles caused by excess uric acid.

Promotes healthy uric acid levels and maintains proper balance.

Promotes healthy digestion and relieves gas, bloating, and discomfort.

Helps ease the mind for a calm and restful sleep. Curves anxiety and stress with all natural ingredients.

Sugar Free

Gluten Free

Vegan Friendly

DON’T LET FOOD STOP YOU – A unique formula featuring a full spectrum digestive multi enzyme blend that target and help you digest spicy, fried, raw, and processed foods. In addition, this formula helps support dairy, acidic fruits, and veggies. Take one capsule with a meal.
RELIEVE DIGESTIVE DISCOMFORT – This supplement features barley, spirulina, fenugreek , peppermint, and papaya to assist with gut health and reduce the effects of stomach discomfort such as gas, bloating, and constipation.
INCREASED NUTRIENT ABSORPTION – Each serving contains papain, amylase, protease, and enzymes which work together to support nutrient absorption and help aid in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Lifetones, we aren’t done until you’re completely satisfied. We’re confident our high-quality products will meet and pass your expectations for a healthier you, and we’re ready to back that up! We proudly offer a no-hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for every product purchased from Lifetones. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase please contact our Customer Success Team at 1-844-564-8315 and we will take care of everything!


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