Mutant MCT Oil – Perfect for Keto Diets with No Trans-Fat and is Specially Extracted from Coconut Oil to Provide 6X More MCTs Than Plain Coconut Oil, 946 milliliters (32 Ounces)



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MUTANT — Leave Humanity Behind!

The dedicated. The hardcore. At MUTANT, we know where our loyalty lies. You’re not interested in average, and you certainly don’t care about fitting in with the crowd. MUTANT understands, and that’s why we bring you top-quality products made with the best ingredients in the world. Amazing formulas like our legendary MUTANT MASS, the multi-award winning original #1 big bag muscle mass gainer. Or MUTANT MADNESS, the ultimate pre-workout experience, or MUTANT ISO SURGE, the best-tasting gourmet whey isolate of all time!

We engineer our MUTANT MCT Oil in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to maintain gold-standard quality in every bottle. MUTANT products can be found in over 100 countries because we live for this! The hard, heavy lifting, the nasty workouts, the day-to-day grind. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and that’s just the way we like it!


100% pure coconut sourced

Zero palm oil or trans fats

9.8 g C8 (caprylic acid)

4.2 g C10 (capric acid)

Ultra-clean extraction process

Keto, vegan & paleo diet friendly

Flavorless & odorless

Supports natural energy


MUTANT MCT OIL is 100% pure and contains six times more MCTs than ordinary coconut oil. Each serving delivers 9.8 grams of C8 (caprylic acid) and 4.2 grams of C10 (capric acid), which are fast-burning sources of clean fuel for body and brain. With fewer biochemical steps to convert into energy than carbohydrates,

MUTANT MCT OIL is one of the best ways to power your performance. Naturally unflavored to satisfy sensitive taste buds and easy to mix in coffee, tea, shakes or salad dressing for sustained natural energy.



Support muscle building

Help increase size, strength and power from training

Increase energy, improve focus, reduce fatigue

Gain weight and increase calorie intake

Support muscle repair and recovery


Whey protein isolate in 12 decadent flavors, very low in carbs and fat

Advanced creatine complex to maximize human performance

Concentrated pre-workout formula that’s very high in stimulants

Delicious clean gainer with 1100 calories, 56 g protein, whole-food carbs, 26.1 g EAAs and 12.2 g BCAAs

12 gourmet flavors with 9.7 g of BCAAs and amino acids + 8 electrolytes


Take 1 – 2 servings per day between meals

Take 1 serving prior to workouts

Take 1 serving prior to workouts

Take 1 – 2 servings per day in the morning, between meals, post-workout or before bed

Sip throughout the day, stack with your pre and post-workout supplements







PRESERVES MUSCLE TISSUE | High energy athletes need more fuel which MCTs provide. Or if your diet demands energy without adding carbs or even cutting carbs, MCTs provide the fuel with zero carbs to help preserve muscle tissue too.
PREMIUM EXTRACTION PROCESS | Our MCT Oil comes exclusively from a premium extraction and isolation process to ensure maximum MCT potency, which many bodybuilders report finding beneficial because it can allow for easier digestion.
CLEAN AND PURE | Like all Mutant products our Mutant MCT Oil is only made with a pure extraction process and is a clean option you can count on.
GREAT FOR KETO DIET | When you are following a ketogenic diet, your body is breaking down fats into ketones for energy. Mutant MCT oil is perfect for providing your body with the necessary fats for ketosis.


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