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More than 40 years ago, the Olewo company in Germany discovered that carrots can provide amazing health benefits for dogs when fed in the proper form. They produced the first carrots for dogs in the 1970’s when a Doberman breeder kept loosing his dogs due to life-threatening, chronic diarrhea. Natural products for pets were not common at that time. To this day, Olewo Carrots are best known for their ability to quickly eliminate occasional dog diarrhea as well as chronic loose stools, and a variety of other digestive issues. Olewo Carrots also nourish skin and coat, enhance coat color, markings and pigmentation.


Discover the Nutritional Benefits of Carrots for your Dog

Gut Health & Immune System

Your dog’s health starts in the gut, and there is nothing simpler and more effective to promote gut health and boost immunity than adding Olewo Carrots to your dog’s daily meal regimen, no matter what you are feeding. An understanding of the association between food and the gut for increased immunity and overall health is just now gaining more momentum, as is the role in preventing disease through the promotion of a gut-healthy diet. Gut health literally affects your dog’s entire body. You might not attribute digestive problems to allergies, joint pain, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer, but many diseases seemingly unrelated are actually caused by gut problems.

Digestive Health

Dog diarrhea is one of the most common reasons for vet visits. There can be many different causes, but the most common causes for dog diarrhea are probably dietary indiscretion, changes in diet, food intolerance, and stress. Some dog breeds, especially large dog breeds are actually prone to having loose stools. They don’t necessarily have bouts of acute diarrhea, but they naturally have softer stools that are unable to hold its form and are often impossible to pick up. Whether is is acute dog diarrhea or chronic loose stools, more than likely, those dogs are not properly absorbing the nutrients from their diet. This can lead to weight loss and also an imbalance of electrolytes which can lead to dehydration if left untreated. Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water.

Skin & Coat Health

Skin problems are another common reason for vet visits, and anything affecting the skin unusually will affect the hair coat. It is important to bear in mind that our dogs’ outside appearance is an indication of their inner health, or lack of it. There are many external and internal factors that can cause physical reactions and lead to skin and coat problems. In many cases however, it is simply a lack of nutrition. Commercial dog food, especially kibble, is a common culprit in skin problems. It is highly processed food, and what little nutrition might be left, cannot be easily absorbed and utilized. Olewo Carrots provide the added nutrition that is often lacking in commercial dog food, and can fill nutritional gaps when feeding a raw or home-cooked diet.


Quickly Cures Dog Diarrhea

Firms up stools often after just 2 feedings
Helps eliminate chronic loose stools
Provides digestive support while transitioning to new dog food
Helps prevent diarrhea and loose stools with daily use

Relieves Digestive Problems

Helps relieve constipation
Helps relieve gas & bloating
Acts as natural intestinal dog wormer
Helps prevent & remedy anal gland issues
Helps prevent & remedy leaky gut

Boosts Immune System

Strengthens the immune system
Promotes natural defenses against infections
Promotes gut integrity and gut health

Nourishes Skin & Coat

High amounts of beta-carotene nourish dry & irritated skin
Increases the ability to heal skin infections faster
Promotes soft & shiny coat
Enhances coat color, markings and pigmentation


Not All Carrots Are Equal

Carrots are only as nutrient-dense as the soil they were grown in. There is much evidence that our soils are depleted of nutrients as a result of modern industrial farming.
Like all root vegetables, carrots start loosing nutrients as soon as they come out of the ground at harvest. Light, air and moisture diminish the nutrient content of carrots, especially the beta-carotene.
Store-bought carrots may be less nutritious than you think, depending on when they were harvested, how long they spent in storage and transportation, and how long they sat under the light in the produce section of the grocery store, or how long they were exposed to the sun at a farmers market.


Discover the Olewo Difference

The carrots for Olewo products are grown on farms in Northern Germany, dedicated to Olewo pet products. Highly nutritious carrots are formed into a pellet structure that ensures maximum capture and preservation of the valuable beta-carotene and other healthy nutrients. Once the carrot pellets are rehydrated, the product returns to a fresh food appearance with a mushy, almost “pre-digested” looking consistency that mimics the pre-digested stomach contents of their prey when dogs were hunting in the wild. Back then, dogs were getting the nutrients from the pre-digested vegetables in their prey’s stomach.

100% carrots, non-GMO
No additives or preservatives
Quick & easy to prepare
Easily added to any dog food wether it is kibble, canned, raw or home cooked meals

For just pennies a day, you can drastically improve your dog’s overall health and relieve & prevent many common ailments in dogs.

IMMUNITY and GUT HEALTH: Boosts immune system and promotes gut integrity, both of which are key to overall health.
ALWAYS PERFECT POOP: Trusted and Proven over 40 years to naturally eliminate dog diarrhea. Helps your dog firm up stools often after just 2 feedings.
SKIN AND COAT: Say hello to healthy skin and shiny coat. Enhances coat color, markings and pigmentation for amazing looks.
ALL NATURAL: 100 percent Carrots. 1-ingredient whole food product packed with vital nutrients. Made in Germany


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