RapidKetosis-The Original Ketogenic BHB Supplement – Getting into Ketosis & Losing Weight Was Never Tastier or Easier!



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RapidKetosis Premium Exogenous Ketone Supplement – Achieving Ketosis & Weight Loss Was Never Easier


When it comes to weight loss, there’s a million different diets promising to get you into a ultra fat-burning ketogenic state.

None of them, however, clearly states how difficult and time consuming this can be.

If you want to start losing weight here and now, this amazing exogenous ketone supplement is what you need.

Trying To Lose Weight? Kick Into High Gear & Start Burning Fat – Starting Today!

So, are you trying to get rid of some hard-to-lose extra pounds?

Aren’t you sick and tired of following diets to the letter, feeling ill, practically starving yourself, and still seeing no real results?

Most diets like the Atkins or the paleo one promise to get you into a state of ketosis – a turbo mode in which your body rapidly starts to turn your stored fat into pure energy. Sadly, though, that’s just half of the truth.

Avoid The Risks Of Dieting & Start Losing Weight Now

What most diets don’t make clear is that the road to ketosis is difficult, tricky, and full of side effects like flu like symptoms and lean muscle mass loss – risking, in fact, to cause you actual damage.

Don’t give up just yet, though; we may just have exactly what you need to avoid all that.

RapidKetosis Premium Exogenous Ketone Supplement – The 90 Minute Shortcut To Weight Loss

By utilizing a unique Beta-hydroxybutrate formula enhanced with BCAAs and sunflower lecithin, this exogenous ketone supplement manages to induce and sustain nutritional ketosis (1.5 – 3 mmol/L). And the best about it? It helps get you into ketosis in about 1.5 hours or less. And you can prove it to yourself that it’s working that quickly by using a simple urine ketone test strip that we provide!

What’s more, it bypasses the flu-like state of sugar withdrawal and demineralization, accelerates your body’s rate of adaptation, and prevents the loss of lean body mass.

Finally, once your body stabilizes in its nutritional ketosis mode, you can reduce your daily ketone dosage, stop it completely, or take some only when you feel like eating some extra carbs!

Also, we provide you with the exact same instructions and diet that we use daily in our actual weight loss clinic.



By utilizing a scientifically enhanced fat emulsifying weight loss formula, this ketone supplement can get you into turbo mode in a matter of hours – which you can prove to yourself that it’s working with the urine ketone test strips we provide, without the usual flu-like side effects that conventional ketogenic diets force you to put up with!

​The weight loss benefits of any high fat – low carb diet
that puts you into the ketogenic state are 100% scientifically proven.

Simply put – it works.

But the problem has always been compliance, to adhere to the diet.

RapidKetosis helps you stick with any ketogenic, low carb diet.


Even after achieving ketosis, the RapidKetosis supplement still remains a valuable asset in your fight to lose weight.

Just adjust the daily dosage and it will help you remain in a ketogenic state and balance your diet, until you don’t need its help any more.

Learn More Below.




Forget struggling with hard-to-swallow and disgusting nutritional supplements. 

Our premium exogenous ketone is the best tasting one on the market! 

Just mix it with water and enjoy it’s refreshing and delicious grape flavor!

Here’s a couple of idea’s you should be made aware of:

If you have pretty heavy gastrointestinal side effects, that is a very good sign that your body is switching over from being in glycolysis, into ketosis.

In other words, having an upset stomach is a good thing. All it means is that your body is switching into ketosis. If you are taking our product, that feeling should pass on average within a day.



Our product causes rapid ketosis and accelerates the rate of keto-adaptation.

By initiating rapid ketosis and accelerating the rate of keto-adaptation,
our program will help eliminate the “keto-flu” caused  from sugar withdrawals/demineralization, 
it minimizes the loss of lean body mass usually caused by dietary restrictions associated with the ketogenic diet,
and it makes it so that you are able to enjoy an occasional carbohydrate or sugar “cheat” and not significantly jeopardize your ketogenic state.

Oh. By the way. 

Once you reach nutritional ketosis (1.5 – 3 mmol/L) – ketone blood tested – for 3 consecutive days you will stop taking our product.

You will not need to take it anymore unless you fall below 1.5 mmol/L
or want to eat more carbs than normal – i.e. – have a cheat meal.


All of the testimonials you see in our pictures are real patients at our weight loss clinic. You will receive the exact same RapidKetosis AND meal plan they used. With your order you will receive 1 bag of RapidKetosis, some urine test strips, a non-insulin spiking grocery shopping list, and our clinics EXACT eating plan that our real patients use (A $150 value).
UPDATE: RapidKetosis is BACK in stock! Please buy some while you can!
THE BEST TASTING BHB PRODUCTS ON THE PLANET! Forget struggling with hard-to-swallow and disgusting nutritional supplement. Our premium exogenous ketone is the best tasting on the market! Just mix it with water and enjoy its refreshing and delicious grape flavor!
FREE OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT! You have questions about the ketogenic diet and how to lose weight the fastest/safest way possible, and we have answers from a real life doctor! Just message us here at Amazon and we will respond fast! Free doctor developed ketogenic diet that is used daily in our actual weight loss clinic is emailed to you with every order!


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