Replenish – Concentrated Electrolyte Drops | Rapid Rehydration | NO Sugar, NO Additives | Replace Lost Electrolytes from Workouts, Exercise & More | Vegan & Keto Friendly



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RePlenish (Formerly known as ReHydrate)
Are you an athlete, marathon runner or someone who works outside in the heat? Do you experience muscle cramps during intense workouts? Do you drink sports drinks but do not want all the extra calories and sugars they usually contain? Are you looking for a natural replacement for sports drinks that does not contain sugar, artificial-sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors? If you said “Yes” to any of the above questions, Mineralife has a revolutionary product for you, RePlenish. RePlenish is an electrolyte replacement solution that, when added to ordinary water, can replenish vital electrolytes including Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium lost through sweat. Proper hydration requires the right balance of electrolytes and water. But electrolytes are much more than the Sodium and Potassium that most sport drinks contain. In fact, Magnesium is required for the metabolism of carbohydrates and low levels of Magnesium can cause muscle cramping. RePlenish provides the right blend of electrolytes without any added sugar or artificial ingredients. Maximum Hydration = Maximum Performance Get there with RePlenish. Each serving supplies 70mg Magnesium, 211mg Chloride, 10mg Sodium, 120mg Potassium, and 20mg Sulfate No Sugar No Artificial Sweeteners No Artificial Colors No Artificial Flavors Convenient to use—just add to water No sticky clean up of water bottles or packs Complexed with CHD-Fulvic acid to enhance mineral absorption. TESTIMONIAL: What we like about RePlenish is the simplicity of the product, its natural ingredients, and its delivery system. RePlenish offers electrolytes with nothing else added in a liquid form. Just add a serving to your water bottle and you are ready to go! If you just want electrolytes with no added taste, RePlenish is the way to go, especially if you do not like carrying pills and keeping track of them while training or racing. (Fitness 19, Colorado Springs)

NATURAL HYDRATION – Mineralife’s RePlenish contains no added sweeteners, colors or flavors. Just water and electrolytes to help your body recover more quickly after a hard workout or improve your endurance to enhance performance.
EASY TO USE – Add a few drops of RePlenish to water. No added sugar means no sticky clean up of water bottles or packs.
RE-PLENISH THE FAMILY – Re-Plenish can also be used by the whole family to restore lost electrolytes.
WHY MINERALIFE – Vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body, but they cannot function without the presence of minerals. All bodily processes depend on the action and interaction of minerals. Mineralife provides the highest quality, triple tested, pure mineral ingredients.


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