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An Umbrella of Protection Against Fructose Intolerance and its Effects! Your Protection from Digestive Discomfort and Other Health Issues

A Great Way to Deal with the High Levels of Fructose Found in Many Diets

Unlike glucose, which is readily absorbed into the bloodstream and managed by insulin, fructose is metabolized only in the liver, where (if not efficiently processed) it can elevate blood lipids. From a metabolic perspective, excess fructose can contribute to accumulation of liver fat, thereby compromising liver and total-body health.

Fructose malabsorption is a common food intolerance that affects up to 33% of people, according to some estimates. It can develop over time in response to our diet, lifestyle, and wellness.

An increasing amount of fructose can be found not only in fruits and vegetables, but also in processed and convenience foods. Plus, many “low sugar” products (such as sugar free candy) contain sorbitol, which inhibits fructose absorption.

That’s why Umbrellux XI provides xylose isomerase, a natural supplemental form of the digestive enzyme that converts fructose into glucose that your body can use – reducing the burden on your liver, and offering the potential for better gut health and immune support.

Help with Your Discomfort!

Difficulty absorbing fructose can cause uncomfortable GI effects, including:

Gas (Flatulence) and Bloating
Nausea and/or Diarrhea
Sugar Cravings
Mood Disturbance

When taken before consuming high-fructose foods and beverages, Umbrellux XI helps ensure optimum conversion of fructose into glucose, while protecting against these symptoms. It can help you avoid heartburn, gas, bloating, and nausea – all in one! If you’re using acid reflux medicine, try Umbrellux XI!

Improved Nutrient Absorption, Better Overall Health and Wellness

Fructose malabsorption can interfere with the absorption of key nutrients, including iron. Long term, it can also lead to increases in inflammatory markers while challenging metabolic health and contributing to weight gain, cardiovascular risk, and other advanced health concerns.

The Right Digestive Enzymes – Precisely Targeted at Fructose – to Help Avoid Discomfort and Enhance Health

Xylose Isomerase: The Key to Unlocking Protection from Fructose Malabsorption

Xylose isomerase is a digestive enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of fructose to glucose the body can use.

Umbrellux XI harnesses the power of this enzyme to help convert dietary fructose back to glucose, helping your body maintain optimal sugar metabolism and protecting against the damaging effects of our high fructose diets.

Umbrellux XI is a natural solution for fructose management, when taken prior to consumption of high-fructose foods and beverages. It converts excessive fructose from food to easily digestible glucose in the small intestine, thus acting as a protective screen for your body.

Since it is active only within the gastrointestinal tract, and is not absorbed into the body, xylose isomerase is also remarkably safe for daily use.

That’s what makes Umbrellux XI a perfect fit for your comfort, diet and lifestyle!

Umbrellux XI – Your Digestive Enzymes Solution to Fructose in the Diet

Reap the benefits of our unique digestive enzymes formulation as you enjoy the foods and beverages you love, without discomfort – while Umbrellux XI handles the task of transforming fructose into easy-to-digest glucose that your body can use!

We are an international partnership of scientists, nutraceutical ingredient producers, and veterans of the U.S. natural products industry, driven to supply safe and effective nutraceuticals and backed by rigorous scientific evidence from extensive clinical research.

Umbrellux XI is produced according to the highest quality standards for nutraceutical supplements. It’s also gluten free, and contains no yeast, soy, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors.

Fructose Malabsorption and Intolerance

Histamine Imbalance

Histamine Imbalance

Xylose Isomerase

Diamine Oxidase + Catalase

Diamine Oxidase




Eat the fruits, vegetables and fructose-containing foods and beverages you enjoy!

No more red wine headaches or other histamine-related reactions!

No more red wine headaches or other histamine-related reactions!

60 capsules

60 capsules

120 capsules, in Travel Packs of 10

Supplements a natural enzyme converting fructose to glucose, for gut health and immune support*
Digestive enzyme supplements like Umbrellux XI help defend against heartburn, gas, and bloating*
Optimize your sugar metabolism and protect yourself from damaging effects of high fructose diets*
Gluten free – No yeast, soy, wheat, dairy, peanuts, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors


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