Vetoquinol Select Antioxidant Supplement for Dogs and Cats to Promote a Healthy Immune System, 60ct



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Product Description

Vetoquinol is a family-owned company proudly devoted to looking after the health of animals. Since our beginnings in 1933, we’ve developed one of the largest research facilities in the world and employ over 100 world-class researchers.

We partner with veterinarians and animal health professionals across the globe to ensure we’re always at the forefront of pet care. We’re as passionate about your pet’s health as you are!

Vetoquinol Select Antioxidant Supplements help fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause cellular damage, potentially leading to a reduction in immune health.

Our blend of antioxidants and proprietary ingredients help ‘mop up’ or neutralize free radicals, supporting a healthy immune system.

Our cat and dog antioxidant supplement is a proprietary blend of 74 antioxidants with proprietary ingredients essential for good all-round health. Easy to administer in just two daily doses, these tablets provide immune support for dogs and cats of all ages. And they taste great, too!

Our immune support for dogs and cats fights free radicals with a powerful blend of 74 antioxidants plus a proprietary blend of ingredients to promote your pet’s immune system.

Research indicates that antioxidants:

Neutralize free radicals
Combat cellular damage
Benefit the overall health of pets
Play a key role in longevity
Promote brain and skin health
Support eyesight

Vetoquinol cat and dog antioxidant supplements are suitable for all of our canine and feline friends, regardless of their age.

They’re therefore an ideal supplement for households with multiple pets!

For cats of all ages, puppies and adult dogs weighing under 20lbs, administer one tablet in the morning and another in the evening.

For adult dogs weighing over 20lbs, administer two tablets in the morning and two in the evening.

Our antioxidant tablets provide immune support for dogs and cats and taste great. But if your pet refuses tablets, Select Antioxidant is designed to crumble easily.


Dogs & Cats



Dogs & Cats

Dogs & Cats

Dogs & Cats



Powder, gel, chews

Chews or paste






Powder – 100g, Gel – 5oz, Chews – 30ct

Bites – 6.4oz Paste – 3.4oz

30ct, 60ct



Ideal For

Immune Health

Conditions responsive to Lysine

Conditions responsive to Lysine

Joint Support

Pets with potassium deficiency

Pets with potassium deficiency


Orally in the AM and PM

Orally in the AM and PM



Add to nose or paws

Give at mealtime

Proprietary blend of 74 antioxidants with added cat and dog vitamins and minerals
Full spectrum antioxidant for dogs and cats, helps prevent free radical damage
Immune support for dogs and cats, an ideal antioxidant supplement for multiple pet households
Veterinarian-quality, great-tasting cat and dog antioxidant supplement, easy to dose and administer!
Powerful blend of 74 antioxidants plus vitamins and minerals
To combat free radicals. 100-percent natural
Compiels all regulations


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